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Episode 9 Bill Bruner Journey to Joy Expert

July 21, 2020

Bill Bruner is all about Joy, so much so he wrote 300 articles on the subject in his award-winning blog called Journey To Joy.  Bill spreads joy to all he encounters that he named his travel agency Heart and Soul Excursions where he gives every client a personal touch.  


I met Bill through my childhood friend, Heidi, who was pivital in his transformational journey, introducing him to the world of Deepak Chopra so much so that Bill became friends with Deepak. 


Learn more about Bill and his tips on a joyful life and how vision boards can be key. 


Feel free to contact Bill anytime for guidance on your Journey To Joy by going to his Journey To Joy Blog

or Heart and Soul Excursions 


Bill's next interview will be September 15, 2020 Episode 19.


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