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Episode 3 Burge Smith-Lyons Reprogram Your Bubble Talk

July 21, 2020

Burge-Smith-Lyons has been instrumental in my transformation.  I thank my guest Rainy Lynn for introducing me to her in 2015!  Burge CEO and founder of Essence of Being.  Burge offers many workshops, and master classes internationally with many experiences with some including trust falls, fire walks and spoon bending!  But most importantly, she knows how to help you break into a new you and that starts with identifying your Bubble Talk.  In this episode, Burge will explain what Bubble Talk is and why it's necessary to reprogram it early in your transformation journey. 


Burge offers a list of affirmations as her gift for listening in today.  Click here for Free Affirmations for Prosperity 


Burge's full interview will be broadcast August 4, 2020 Episode 13


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