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Episode 2 Rainy Lynn Freedom From Fear with Clarity

July 23, 2020

Rainy Lynn and I go back over 10 years when we both started on our journey to true happiness and five years ago she invited me to an Essence of Geing workshop founded by Burge Smith-Lyons who is also one of my VIP Guests on July 21, 2020.  This workshop and others that followed that I attended, Rainy was always there! Full of laughter and always a good hug. 


Rainy is full of love and laughter and just someone you wnat to hang out with and someone who always has your back! Listen in on how Rainy helps people break through their fears by getting clear.  Check out below how you can get a free 30 minute Clarity Session from Rainy. 


Rainy Lynn Freedom Facilitator

For your FREE Clarity Session, click on the link below

Rainy's Website or Rainy's Facebook


Rainy's full episode will be aired July 28, 2020 Episode 12


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as my thanks to you for listening! 

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