CREATE Happy Now

Episode 11 Colette Liose aka TapNGrl The Healing Power of EFT or Tapping

July 21, 2020

Colette Liose is just exploding with energy and you can catch her daily at 10 am EST on Facebook.  She talks about how she got started with her passion of EFT or Tapping and now powerful this tool is to improve your life.  We had quite a long conversation, so this episode is a sneek peak to discover Colette's energy and the importance of giving EFT or Tapping a try and how her diligence with it opened a whole new world for her. 


As a thanks for listening, Colette is offering 25% off an intuitive tapping session ($100 value) with her just mention you heard her on the CREATE Happy Now Podcast.  You can find her on Colette Liose Facebook or her Colette's Website


Colette's full interview will be broadcast September 29, 2020 Episode 21. 


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